ICAI - Chennai - Companies Act - Directors - Practical Aspects - 06.07.2014


  • Public Company - Minimum 3 Directors
  • Private Company - Minimum 2 Directors
  • One person Company - 1 Director
  • Maximum 15 Directors

More than 15 Directors requires a special resolution (There is no need for Central Govt. approval to increase number of directors beyond maximum limits.)

Sec.149(3) provides that every company shall have atleast one director who has stayed in India for not less than 182 days in the previous calendar year.Financial year is the basis in the new law but for this provision the reference is to calendar year.If a foreign citizen meets the requirement of Sec.149(3), he may become a resident for the purpose of Sec.6 of the Income Tax Act which refers to 182 days or more in a previous year.If a person stays in India between January to July,Sec.149(3) is met and for the purpose of IT he has stayed only for 90 days in one previous year.